Hooch is a Purebred American bulldog who was abandoned by being dumped out of a car. He is friendly and welcoming to all who meet him, and he wants more than anything to be able to run and play. Unfortunately, just even a bit of exercises causes him to be unable to breath.

After many examinations from several vets, it's been determined that Hooch is suffering from several problems. He has a very elongated soft pallet and a lot of scar tissue in that area. The scar tissue appears to be from a caustic fluid being poured down Hooch's throat. There is also partial paralysis in the side of his face, mouth, and throat from this.

While the pallet can be corrected by specialists at Camboro, there are not many veterinarians in the area - let alone the country - who might be able to help Hooch with his scar tissue, which causes him the most difficulty in breathing. We've found a specialist at Ohio State University who might be able to help.

Hooch, who otherwise can live a long and happy life - albeit strained at times - will need much financial support to help open his airways.  

Your contribution to The Franklin Fund will help pay for Hooch’s surgery and for other seriously injured animals. You can make a donation online or by sending a check to Because You Care, Inc., PO Box 54, McKean, PA 16426. With your help, BYC can continue to save the lives of animals that will otherwise have to be euthanized due to lack of funds.