Pets for Adoption at Because You Care

Because You Care takes in abandoned and abused cats and dogs, and nurses them back to good physical and mental health, then finds them loving "forever" homes.

Adoption Fees

All fees include the spay/neuter of the animal, regardless of age.

BYC will occasionally have a pet with adjusted adoption fees due to various reasons. In those cases, the adoption fee will be included in that pet's description. Otherwise, the below adoption fees apply.

Cats for Adoption at Because You Care

Kittens and Cats

  • Kittens (8 wks.-3 mo.): $100
  • Two 2- to 3-month-old kittens together: $150
  • Kittens (4 to 8 months): $85
  • Two 4- to 8-month olds together: $125
  • Kittens (9 to 12 months): $65
  • Two 9- to 12-month olds together: $100
  • Adult cats (12 mo.+): $50
  • Two adult cats together: $75

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Puppies and Dogs

Please check each dog's profile to see their adoption fee. There is a $50 discount if two dogs are adopted together.

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Dogs for Adoption at Because You Care

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