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Surrendering an Animal to Because You Care

Unfortunately, certain animals and households are not perfectly matched. This creates a stressful situation for both the pet and owner and can be a serious detriment to quality of life. Surrendering a pet can be a difficult decision, but is sometimes in the best interest of both you and the animal. If you’re considering giving a dog or cat up for adoption, or have come across a lost, stray, or abandoned pet, we may be able to help. 

How to surrender an animal:

All Because You Care animals start their stay with us in foster homes, so our process requires finding an open foster home before we can agree to take an animal. For the health and safety of the pets in our care, we do not accept animal surrenders at our adoption center. 

Successfully rehoming a cat or dog may depend on several factors, including:

  1. The availability of foster homes (the wait list for cats tends to be very long)
  2. The animal’s compatibility with dogs, cats, and/or children.
  3. Temperament and aggression

If you would like us to consider taking a pet from you or have found a stray cat, please fill out the appropriate surrender application below. A team member will review your information and get in touch with you if and when there is an available foster home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I feel guilty surrendering a pet?

There is often a measure of guilt when surrendering a pet, but do not beat yourself up over it. There are all sorts of reasons why pet ownership may not work out. The animal may not get along with cohabitants. Life circumstances (and ability to care for the pet) may change due to job loss or injury. Or perhaps you may have just been unprepared for it. Accept responsibility, do everything in your power to secure the best new living situation possible for the dog or cat (whether with a qualified friend or family member or through an animal adoption agency), and move on.

Can I surrender a stray cat or dog?

For the health and safety of the animals under our care, you cannot surrender a stray or abandoned cat or dog directly to our adoption center — although it’s possible that good boy or good girl may end up with us in time!  Instead, we recommend:

  1. Checking for identification/owner contact information (if the animal is safe to approach)
  2. Sharing a photo and description on social media (Erie Animal Network and Erie Lost & Found Pets on Facebook)
  3. Calling and notifying local rescue groups and shelters.
  4. Having a veterinarian scan the animal for a microchip (if in your possession)
I found a feral cat. What should I do?

If you find a feral cat, unfortunately it cannot be surrendered to Because You Care. However, we can offer you a voucher to get the animal spayed / neutered and get a rabies vaccine. This will ensure that it is at least not contributing to overpopulation. We recommend that after this is done that you return the cat to where it was found, as this is the cat's "home territory" and where it is most familiar.

Feral cats do not want to be inside — they are happier outside! You can make outdoor living more comfortable for them by providing food, water, and/or shelter if so desired. 

Are there any fees associated with giving a pet up for adoption?

No, there are no fees associated with giving a pet up for adoption.

Will Because You Care’s foster homes take good care of my surrendered pet?

Because You Care’s foster homes will take excellent care of your surrendered pet, and give them a much better chance at finding their forever home! Living in a cage-free, more typical domestic setting allows us a much clearer glimpse into the animal’s demeanor, habits, activity levels, and overall health. All of this information is taken into consideration when trying to match the cat or dog to a new owner. 

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