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Enriching Indoor Adventures for Cats: Ideas for the Whole Family

As a cat parent, I've always strived to make my cat's indoor life as enriching as possible. My cat, Emmet, was a bottle baby that I found about 7 years ago.  He is a wonderful cat!  He doesn't mind the kids around and loves to snuggle and make muffins.  He's brought so much joy to my life that I am always looking for ways to make his life better inside. Here, I share a few creative ideas that not only brought joy to my cat but also involved the whole family, including the kids.

  1. Vertical Adventures: Transform unused corners into climbing havens by installing cat trees, shelves, or perches. My kids love helping set up these vertical spaces, and watching our cat explore his new spaces.  We just use the classic very tall cat tree and a window perch but there are more elaborate ways to provide this as well -- espsecially if you don't have toddlers trying to climb your walls. 

    Cat Vertical Space 101: The Ultimate Guide | (

  2. Interactive Toys and Puzzle Feeders: Engage your cat's hunting instincts with interactive toys like wand toys or feather teasers. My kids enjoy playing with these toys just as much as our cat does! Another great idea is to make mealtime an enrichment activity by using puzzle feeders

    8 Best Cat Puzzle Feeders for Mealtime Enrichment  - Vetstreet | Vetstreet

  3. Indoor Garden or Grass: Create an indoor garden with cat-friendly plants and grass.  This is a great idea for cats that don't overindulge on the grass.  Emmet unfortunately falls into the later category and just eats and eats until he promptly vomits up all the grass -- onto the cushions of course.  Cat grass is very easy to find, most pet stores carry it. 

    Pet Greens Cat Grass Original Wheatgrass, Pack of 6 | Petco

  4. Hide and Seek Adventures: Turn hide and seek into a family affair by hiding treats or toys around the house for your cat to find. My son has a blast finding creative hiding spots, and making sure our dog doesn't get to the treats before Emmet. 

 Enriching your indoor cat's life can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. By involving the kids in activities like setting up vertical spaces, playing with interactive toys, and crafting DIY creations, we not only provide stimulation for our cat but also foster a sense of responsibility and compassion in our children. Together, we create a loving and enriching environment where our cat thrives, and our family bonds grow stronger every day.


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