Ways to help

BYC is a volunteer organization. We rely on the dedication and talent of people wiling to donate their time on a regular basis. Below are several ways in which people often donate their time and talents. If you have a talent that you'd like to offer and you think could be of help to us but your skill is not listed here, please let us know.

Adoption center: Help around the center by cleaning, feeding, scooping litter, and socializing cats and dogs.

Bake sales
: Provide baked goods various times throughout the year

Coordinate volunteers
: Call volunteers and organize staffing schedules for events

Sell candy bars: Sell Daffin's Chocolate to support TNR.

Crafts: Donate crafts for chinese auctions, sew cat and dog beds

Fundraising/Event planning: We have several annual activities and always welcome more

Volunteer at events: Staff tables, sell merchandise, set-up/clean-up, etc.

Answer phone lines: Document recorded messages, help respond to calls

TNR: Assist persons interested in reducing feral populations in their areas

TV: Serve as a spokesperson and show animals on local news channels

Vet tech services: Provide routine medical care (as allowed by law), including testing for feline leukemia and heartworm and the administration of routine shots, excluding rabies
Foster pets: One of the most rewarding and perhaps challenging ways to volunteer is to become one of the families to see down-and-out cats or dogs through their transformation to a loving family pet. Because it's such a tough activity, we expect new foster homes to be capable self-starters who are wiling to learn and work within our system. It takes a special person/family to foster. Apply to become a foster home here.

Pet representative: Like fostering, this is one of the most challenging but most rewarding activities. “Reps” guide foster families, maintain the heath records, ensure animals receive veterinary care and supplies they need and process adoptions (including screening interested homes). Experienced reps may also open new foster homes and train foster homes to be their own representatives. It is very time-intensive, and we're looking for volunteers willing to commit for several years.

Please note:

Our biggest need is for volunteers who are willing to plan and organize fundraisers and who can help set up, clean up and serve at events. See the list to the left for descriptions of ways to help, then fill out the form below if you would like to become involved.

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You must be over 16 to volunteer in the cat center and 18 to volunteer in the dog center.

*Fostering and "repping" are both time and energy intensive activities, and not all applications for these positions will be accepted. Adoption center volunteers will be accepted based on our needs.

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