Adoption Fees:

All fees include the spay/neuter of the animal, regardless of age.

BYC will occasionally have a pet with adjusted adoption fees due to various reasons. In those cases, the adoption fee will be included in that pet's description. Otherwise, the below adoption fees apply.

Kittens and Cats:

Kittens (8 wks.-3 mo.): $100
Two 2- to 3-month-old kittens together: $150
Kittens (4 to 8 months): $85
Two 4- to 8-month olds together: $125
Kittens (9 to 12 months): $65
Two 9- to 12-month olds together: $100
Adult cats (12 mo.+): $50
Two adult cats together: $75

Puppies and Dogs:

Please check each dog's profile to see their adoption fee.  There is a $50 discount if two dogs are adopted together.

Special Needs Pets: $25

Terms of Adoption

Adoptive families will sign a contract agreeing to the terms of adoption. You must be at least 21 to adopt. Click below to preview these forms (Acrobat Reader required).

Pets for Adoption

Once you begin to browse, a search function along the left will allow you to narrow your search by cat/dog, breed, etc. 

Are BYC pets healthy?

BYC only adopts out pets known to be healthy. Before an pet becomes eligible for adoption, we test it for feline leukemia (cats) and heartworm (dogs) and provide its first round of vaccinations, including the rabies shot if the pet is at least three months of age. We also de-worm and apply flea treatment to all incoming pets.

What if I adopt a kitten or puppy before it's old enough to be spayed or neutered?

If pets are adopted prior to the altering age of 5-6 months, BYC will provide for the pet to be spayed/neutered at our on-site vet clinic when the pet becomes of age.

Does BYC adopt out special needs pets?

Yes. While special needs pets are our dearest in many cases, they may be a little older, require medication, have behavioral issues or require special food. These pets are still able to function quite well and provide many years of love. When appropriate, these pets have discounted adoption rates, and their profile will be labeled with that information.

How do I meet a pet?

BYC volunteers work hard to match pets' personalities to characteristics of prospective adoptive homes. While several people may apply to adopt a pet, only one will be chosen - the one the foster home and pet's representative feels to be the best match.

If you're intersted in meeting and/or adopting a pet you've found through our search, click on "More info" and then "Apply to meet this pet."  You'll be asked to fill out a form. Many of our pets are housed in volunteer foster care, and these forms helps us screen potential adopters before inviting them into personal homes. They also help us learn about you and help you find the right match. Some pets are housed at the adoption center, where you can stop by to see them during open hours. The adoption process can be expedited by filling out an online application form before visiting the center.