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posted on May 17, 2017 under General
 Because You Care Chose to Benefit From Book Sales 


Because You Care has been selected by Bruce & Hobbes Radio to be a recipient of donations from the sales of the anti-bullying book “Hobbes Goes Home.”

Radio show host Bruce Zeman adopted his trusty dachshund sidekick, Hobbes, in 2009 after Hobbes had been terribly abused before being rescued by the Addison County Humane Society. Shortly after his rescue, Hobbes joined Bruce on the radio, and the two “Best Buddies” became a popular morning show duo. Bruce & Hobbes now work to better the lives of animals.

“Hobbes Goes Home” is the story of Hobbes, who is brought to the local animal shelter by his mom to save him from an abusive home. The story follows Hobbes’ experiences at the shelter while he dreams about finding his new forever home.

As long as the book is in print, any time someone purchases the book at the Bruce & Hobbes website, www.bruceandhobbes.com, and uses the code BYC in the donation code box, Because You Care will receive all the profits from that book sale – about $5 per book.

 If you are interested in purchasing a copy of “Hobbes Goes Home” (and helping Because You Care at the same time), here’s what you need to do:
1. Visit www.bruceandhobbes.com
2. Click “Store”
3. Purchase a copy (or copies) of “Hobbes Goes Home”
4. When checking out, put BYC in the DONATION CODE box

Thanks to Bruce & Hobbes Radio for supporting Because You Care, and to everyone who purchases a copy of this heartwarming book.



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